Brand protection in agriculture
Brand protection in agriculture

supporting the high value of "originality"

branding is one of the most important things in asserting oneself on the market. often this goes hand in hand with large investments for brand building. companies who safeguard their brand against the sale of inferior products not only safeguard entrepreneurial risk, they also assume social responsibility to provide consumers with safe, high-quality products.

our drive is to support these companies and make life really difficult for malicious practitioners – and we mean: really difficult!

what we know happens in the agriculture industry

Branding is one of the most important things in asserting oneself on the market. Often this goes hand in hand with large investments for brand building. Those who safeguard their own brand against the sale of counterfeit products in the agricultural segment not only assume an important entrepreneurial responsibility. Authentication technologies make a contribution here to continuously offer consumers high-quality food.


counterfeit and illegal pesticides sales could create the 4th largest business in the industry


in the European Union, it is estimated that approximately 13.8% of pesticides sold are counterfeit.


top 10 market leaders in Agrochemicals show high interest in the latest technologies.

Use case Agriculture

OHS enforces their brand image with Mozaiq technology.

OHS is a first-class leader in seed products for agriculture as well as lawn & greenery. OHS decided to integrate the Mozaiq technology to anticipate the identity of their products in the international supply chain. it allows farmers to authenticate the origin of their seeds before sowing. bespoke patterns applied with Mozaiq technology integrate into their brand design, leaving their brand image unaffected yet allowing to enforce their brand message.
Mozaiq provides OHS with a thoroughly secured solution whilst making an important contribution to the environment. we use sustainable raw materials without impacting recyclability.

how we look at personal care


50-100% of plastic packaging from market leaders in personal care and cosmetics will be recyclable until 2025


7.8% of sales are lost to the industry due to counterfeit cosmetics


Mozaiq stands for 100% counterfeit protection

Use case Personal Care

Luxes has chosen Mozaiq technology to protect its products with anti-counterfeit labels.

Luxes, a Swiss premium skincare brand, recently extended its product range with a new Advanced Serum Line, three revolutionary anti aging facial serums. all of them carry a Mozaiq authentication feature. we created elegant irreversible patterns into their tamper evident labels. the patterns support their brand design and are easy to verify by consumers.
Luxes' goal was to assume responsibility for the quality of the products. with unique ID each product can be traced back to the shop where it is purchased. should a counterfeit be in circulation, the shop will immediately recognize it through scanning and prevent further distribution while securing Luxes' most important capital: trust!

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