Brand protection in agriculture
Brand protection in agriculture

supporting the high value of "originality"

Healthy and conscious nutrition is one of the global megatrends of our time. This makes it all the more important to give producers, traders and farmers the best possible support to protect their products. Our contribution: With our technology, the authenticity of products can be verified in real time. For optimal transparency in supply chains from production to consumption.

branding means ensuring quality

Branding is one of the most important things in asserting oneself on the market. Often this goes hand in hand with large investments for brand building. Those who safeguard their own brand against the sale of counterfeit products in the agricultural segment not only assume an important entrepreneurial responsibility. Authentication technologies make a contribution here to continuously offer consumers high-quality food.


Counterfeit and illegal pesticides sales could create the 4th largest Business in the industry


In the European Union, it is estimated that approximately 13.8% of pesticides sold are counterfeit.


Top 10 market leaders in Agrochemicals show high interest in the latest technologies.

the mozaiq solution

By assigning unique and traceable labels to agricultural products, producers and retailers can verify the identity of the product. Farmers are thus enabled to authenticate the origin of their seeds before sowing. But not only that: crops are protected from inferior or unapproved fertilisers or pesticides.

Let's tackle this issue together! With maximum cost efficiency for you - and an important contribution to the environment. With Mozaiq, you are relying on a thoroughly environmentally friendly solution. Our principle: our technology does not work on plastic. Instead, we transform paper into customised security paper.

Our technology authenticates products via a visible and invisible security label printed with a special ink. The ink alters the surface of the paper substrate and creates a unique substrate ID that can be overprinted with the manufacturer's brand message.

scanning original crop protected by Mozaiq
in-store farmer verification of Mozaiq technology

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