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is it really your brand?

watermarks have been a consistent security element in banknotes throughout the years. not only are they extremely difficult to counterfeit, they also add attractive detail to valuable documents.

brand owners in search for similar security can now rely on Mozaiq's unique technology. the aesthetic security of a watermark, combined with the connectivity required in todays world.

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11th global brand protection innovation programme logo
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why mozaiq is unique

our solution adds security elements to prevent documents and packaging from being compromised.



rather than to stand out as a security element, we blend it in to strengthen the Brand's message



no additional layers added to your product. our solution is environmental-friendly and is food contact compliant



artificial intelligence algorithm on any mobile phone recognizes an original element from illegal replicas and opens the door to track & trace



once applied on an item, this will get its very own unique, permanent ID to guarantee its individuality



seamless track and trace are possible via an easy to apply direct connection to your supply chain system

how it works

protect your brand with our unique technology

creative freedom

add security elements of any design pattern or machine readable QR code on your substrate for packaging, labels or certificates

easy scan

use mobile app to verify the originality of the scanned item

unique solution

the non-residue ink reacts with the substrate minerals irreversibly modifying the surface assuring a secure protection

discover our solutions

to give your products a unique identity and protect them from being compromised

for personal care

you want your products to look luxurious and elegant? our security elements add a personal touch and perfectly blend in with your Brand's image. it enhances your customer's feeling they are buying an original, high-quality item

Brand protection in agriculture

for agriculture

healthy and conscious nutrition starts with high-quality seeds and support products used to grow our food. we deliver trust in the products they buy

scanning solution

artificial intelligence

verification is simple. just use your mobile phone, install an appropriate app and let our algorithm separate your original product from replicates.

scanning covert label with secure mobile phone

track & trace

you can use machine readable QR codes to recognize specific products. after ensuring the item is original, item ID is safely passed to provided IT supply chain system. now user can check the origin and get description of the product

our solutions bring value to your business

send us an email that explains your challenge. we're happy to answer your questions and get you introduced to Mozaiq.

or leave your coordinates with us to receive our marketing kit. it contains a further explanation of our technology and includes examples on different substrates.