mobile scan of secured label
mobile scan of secured label

verification with comfort

Today, scanning via app is common practice in many areas of life. We thought: Why not use it for verification as well? Our app can be easily integrated into your systems and verifies the surfaces of the labels with a special flash and sensor. That's it with Mozaiq.

the Mozaiq technology in detail

Why does the whole thing work so well and easily? The secret: The decisive components – light, camera and surface structure – have been sensitively matched to each other. Only when these three elements match, the Mozaiq label can be authenticated beyond doubt. With this, we combine science-based security with a mobile approach.

Special light and sensor to identify patterns in modified substrate


for experts

Use our mobile to authenticate the product. Our app can be easily integrated into your systems and verifies the surfaces of the labels with a special light and sensor. By the way, we only provide our scanning system to carefully selected groups of professionals defined by you.

scanning covert label with secure mobile phone

for the public

Look for the Mozaiq feature under shear light! For tracking, scan the QR code with your standard phone - retrieve the instant answer on the authenticity of your product.

Discover our solutions

Brand protection in agriculture

for agriculture

As Mozaiq we dedicate ourselves to the protection of original brands in the agriculture sector. And we know: That means we are taking on a great responsibility. Learn more about how we ensure that producers and retailers can verify the identity of their products thanks to unique and traceable labels.

Brand protection in personal care and cosmetics

for personal care

An industry and its challenges: We stand shoulder to shoulder with the cosmetics industry to make things really difficult for counterfeiters. Learn more about how we respond to special requirements with customized solutions for brand protection.

how can we help you?

Find out how our solutions can bring value to your business. To better understand your needs we would require more information on your product, volume, printing workflows and surface. Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions and get you introduced to Mozaiq.