Brand protection in personal care and cosmetics
Brand protection in personal care and cosmetics

it´s all about trust

Hardly any other segment thrives on trust as much as personal care. Strong brands enjoy a high reputation and trigger a feeling of familiarity, quality guarantee and safety among customers. Counterfeits that contain defective ingredients can permanently damage this trust. Mozaiq technology protects your brand from this and can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

branding means ensuring quality

Quality, effectiveness, pleasure: there are many fields in which counterfeits can disappoint consumers. Above all, the cosmetics industry takes the safety of its customers very seriously, as counterfeit cosmetics can affect their health. Companies therefore work closely with law enforcement and customs authorities to track down counterfeiters. There are also various solutions on the product itself, from holograms to QR codes, to ensure originality. But: The fight remains tough!


50-100% of plastic packaging from market leaders in personal care and cosmetics will be recyclable until 2025.


7.8% of sales are lost to the industry due to counterfeit cosmetics.


Mozaiq stands for 100% counterfeit protection.

the mozaiq solution

Original or not? Sure, you can tell at a glance if your product is genuine. Our drive is to make life really difficult for counterfeiters of cosmetic products – and we mean: really difficult!

The Mozaiq approach: an environmentally friendly ink that changes the surface of the paper substrate and creates a unique substrate ID. Food safe and completely chemical free. This takes us to the next step in verification.

Just tell us what you need and we will make it suitable for you. Especially in the cosmetics sector, our technology has a high degree of flexibility. With "Track & Trace", we can forward almost any information you wish. Should a counterfeit be in circulation, you can immediately inform your customers and thus secure their most important capital: trust.

in-store consumer verification of Mozaiq technology
original personal care product

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